Complete Solar System
Sunpal complete solar power system kit including certificated solar inverter and storage battery for home and commercial.
  • Solar Energy System
    Sunpal supports On Grid, Off Grid, Hybrid solar energy system for residential and commercial use from 1Kw to 1000MW.
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  • Solar Inverter
    Sunpal inverter has cover hybrid, on grid, off grid solar inverter and microinverters, the brand contains the Growatt, Goodwe, Huawei, Deye, Solis, Hoymilies, Invt, Solax, and Sunpal.
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  • Lead Acid Battery
    Sunpal solar energy storage battery contain the 12V GEL battery, 2V Lead Acid Battery, and Front Terminal VRLA Batteries.
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How It Works
  • 1.
    We Design & Ship
    We collaborate with you to design and deliver a system that meets your utility usage and needs — selecting equipment from 50+ manufacturers so you don’t have to compromise.
    We Design & Ship
    We Design & Ship
  • 2.
    You Contract or Install
    Whether you want to install the system on your own or hire local contractors directly, managing the installation yourself ensures the fastest return on your solar investment.
    You Contract or Install
    You Contract or Install
  • 3.
    Lifetime Support
    Even after your system is installed and operating, you can always count on Unbound Solar to provide the support you need — free. Just contact us at any time, and we will be there for you.
    Lifetime Support
Over 2GW Photovoltaic Solar Panels Installed Worldwide, 30000+ Solar System For Homes And Business Owners
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  • More Choice. Total Control. Lifelong Service.

    More Choice. Total Control. Lifelong Service.

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    Reliable. Honest. Expert.

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    Self-Reliance. Independence. Sustainability.

Total Solar Systems
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CO2 Reduced
,000+ tons
Trees Saved
What Customer say
These solar panels are the most advanced, sturdy, durable, and efficient panels. They are worth paying every penny. What I bought is a residential off-grid solar system, and the system works very well during use. I purchased all the components including modules, batteries, brackets, inverters, and so on from Sunpal. So far, I am very satisfied with this solar system and accessories. So far, my solar panels have not had any problems. Good product, highly recommended.
Harold Castellon
Harold Castellon


These are a little on the heavy side, however that is probably because they are very sturdy and very well built. They provide continuous satisfactory output even with overcast days. Fast shipping and professional service, the box arrived in good condition. There were no smudges on the surface, I'm very happy with the quality.
Rodrigo Lopez
Rodrigo Lopez


Thanks to Sunpal's professional services and Cathy's enthusiastic help. You are very kind and professional to arrange all the processes like including system design, quotation, packaging, transportation arrangements, logistics information update, etc. I'm very satisfied with the package, the goods' quality, I will recommend you to my friends.
Hassan Al Ansari
Hassan Al Ansari


I ordered 2*40 feeds solar panels 1270 PCs and they arrived in good condition. Once tested I was happy with the output that was higher than another brand panel that I bought another solar module factory in China. I am in a northern state of America and the sun is always less than directly overhead. These panels when connected 2 in series to a inverter are outputting near their rating for about 3+ hours per day and are above 60% of their rated output for more than 6 hours per day. Because I was happy with the first order, now Sunpal is the only solar panel supplier,  I will be ordering additional panels from them.
Sic kuon Chan
Sic kuon Chan


Solar News
All about the latest solar tends and technology.
  • 2022.Dec 08
    How much electricity can a photovoltaic panel generate?
    Many people are not unfamiliar with photovoltaic power generation, but they may not be clear about "how much electricity can be generated by a photovoltaic panel" and "how much carbon can be reduced". The reporter came to the world's largest single agricultural photovoltaic hybrid power station located on the east bank of the Yellow River in Yinchuan, Ningxia, to find out. On the vast Gobi, the neatly arranged photovoltaic panels can't be seen at a glance, like a "blue ocean". Under the sunlight, the photovoltaic panels continuously convert the solar energy into electrical energy. Different from traditional photovoltaic power plants, the photovoltaic panels of this power plant can move "by light" like sunflowers, ensuring maximum solar energy absorption and greatly improving power generation efficiency. According to the reporter's understanding, each photovoltaic panel used in this power station has an area of nearly 2 square meters and a capacity of 330W. 556,700 tons of coal were used! At the same time, in order to make comprehensive use of land resources, goji berries are planted under the photovoltaic panels here, building a new photovoltaic industry development model of "multiple uses in one place, complementary agriculture and photovoltaics". The photovoltaic industry is an important direction for my country's green and low-carbon transformation. Over the years, my country's photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly. By 2020, my country's cumulative installed photovoltaic capacity has ranked first in the world for six consecutive years. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, new energy represented by photovoltaics is expected to become the main driving force for my country's energy growth. 
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  • 2022.Dec 07
    European-made plus-size perovskite-silicon tandem cells
    The next generation of technological change! European-made plus-size perovskite-silicon tandem cells Europe will benefit from a new research and innovation (R&I) project aimed at advancing the manufacture and capacity of tandem solar photovoltaic cells on the continent, with a focus on perovskite-silicon tandem cells. The project, called "PEPPERONI", will last for four years and is co-funded by the European Union under the "European Horizon" program (R&I's long-term funding scheme) and the Swiss Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation. The PEPPERONI project was launched on November 1 under the coordination of the climate research institute Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) and the international solar manufacturer Qcells. Project aims to help push silicon-perovskite technology toward mass manufacturing Qcells said it will build a tandem cell production test line at its European headquarters in Thalheim, Germany, with the ultimate goal of realizing the industrial production of perovskite-silicon tandem cells. The total investment will be around €14.5 million (US$15 million) over the project's four-year lifespan. Qcells also said that PEPPERONI aims to accelerate the achievement of Europe's 2050 net-zero target. The boost in power conversion efficiency that tandem cells can provide exceeds what is practically possible with pure silicon cells, allowing long-term reductions in the levelized cost of electricity and enabling short-term development in areas with limited space, such as rooftops. Fabian Fertig, Director of Global Silicon and Cell R&D at Qcells, said: "Together with global technology partners, Qcells is proud to be part of the PEPPERONI Alliance. This research is expected to lead to new breakthroughs in advancing perovskite-silicon tandem solar cell and module technology. With the current energy system under unprecedented pressure, this is an exciting first step towards the industrialized manufacturing of next-generation photovoltaic technologies in Europe. " The partners at PEPPERONI believe that well-established industry expertise and the falling cost of silicon PV production are the basis for scaling up the production targets for tandem cells. The goal of the PEPPERONI project is to expand the useful area of perovskite-silicon tandem cells from the current record device of 1 cm2 to an industrial size. In July this year, the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) jointly set a new world record for perovskite-silicon tandem photovoltaic cells, reaching 31.3%. Last month, Dutch researchers also announced the unveiling of a perovskite-silicon tandem cell with an efficiency of 30%. Bernd Stannowski, Head of Industrial Compatible Processes, Solar Cells and Modules at the HZB Group, added: "At HZB we have developed a world-record level of efficiency for lab-scale stacking technology. Working with industry partners to scale this very promising new tec...
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  • 2022.Nov 30
    Heavy! National Energy Administration: Wind and solar projects should be combined as much as possible, early and allowed to be connected to the grid in batches!
    Heavy! National Energy Administration: Wind and solar projects should be combined as much as possible, early and allowed to be connected to the grid in batches! On November 29, the Comprehensive Department of the National Energy Administration issued a notice on actively promoting the integration of new energy power generation projects as soon as possible and the early integration of related work. , in accordance with the principle of "combining as much as possible and as early as possible", effective measures should be taken for wind power and photovoltaic power generation projects that are eligible for grid connection to ensure timely grid connection.
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