Heavy! European Commission Proposal for Regulations Prohibiting Forced Labour Products in the EU Market
2022.Sep 16
On September 14, the European Commission formally proposed to ban all goods subject to forced labor from entering the European market. The ban initiative is designed to cover all stages of production.

After the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen delivered the "State of the Union Address", he announced a legislative initiative on banning forced labor products in the EU market, which has attracted great attention from all walks of life.
President von der Leyen made it clear in his State of the Union address that the EU proposes to ban products produced by forced labour on the EU market, regardless of where they are produced.

The European Parliament has long called for a ban on goods made with forced labor. A year ago, European Commission President von der Leyen pledged to ban the sale of forced-labour products in a speech on the situation in the EU. In February, the European Commission proposed a due diligence rule; in April, the European Parliament’s Committee on International Trade and the European Commission exchanged views on a future legislative instrument effectively banning products manufactured or harvested by forced labor.

The elimination of forced and child labor was repeatedly mentioned in a joint statement issued in May at the EU-US Trade and Technology Council Ministerial Meeting, the forum for the United States and the EU to coordinate solutions to key global trade, economic and technological issues;6 Last month, lawmakers again warned the European Commission in two clear resolutions that the European Commission should finally act.

The U.S. UFLPA, which came into effect on June 21, also forced the European Union to speed up the formulation of similar measures. US pressures EU on forced labor legislation! China's solar industry may face trade barriers again

China is the main country of origin of silicon materials. The implementation of UFLPA is expected to affect the export of silicon materials and even downstream power silicon wafers, cells and modules. The new regulations proposed by the European Commission may also affect the clean energy of EU countries. , especially the development of the solar energy industry.

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