Is installing photovoltaics in rural areas harmful to human health?
2023.Nov 02
Is installing photovoltaics in rural areas harmful to human health?

"Is installing photovoltaics in rural areas harmful to the human body?" On September 20, some netizens asked on the platform: At present, some towns and villages in County A have promoted rural photovoltaic projects, and they need to sign a contract with the operator during installation. How do the relevant departments supervise this kind of photovoltaic project? In addition, if photovoltaic panels are installed on the roof of your home, will there be any radiation to the human body?

In response, the Development and Reform Commission of County A gave a detailed reply on the same day. According to reports, in order to promote the healthy and orderly development of distributed photovoltaics and improve the management level of distributed photovoltaics, in July this year, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Urban and Rural Development Bureau, Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, and Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau , the Municipal Power Supply Company jointly issued the "Notice on Regulating Distributed Photovoltaic Management in City A (Trial)", clarifying construction requirements, implementing main responsibilities, strengthening local supervision, and proposing reasonable and orderly access, and increasing laws and regulations related to distributed photovoltaics and policy publicity efforts to jointly optimize the development environment for distributed photovoltaic projects and effectively safeguard the people’s right to know. People who are unfamiliar with photovoltaic construction and development contracts can check the "Household Photovoltaic Power Station Cooperative Development Contract (Template)" and "Household Photovoltaic Product Sales and Installation Contract (Template)" published on the website of the National Energy Administration.

Photovoltaic power generation projects belong to the encouraged investment projects in the "Guidance Catalog for Industrial Structural Adjustment". “The photovoltaic modules themselves do not produce any electromagnetic radiation when generating electricity, but in order to convert the DC power generated by the photovoltaic modules into AC power and connect it to the power grid, a lot of power equipment and electronic devices are usually required, and these devices will affect the operation of the power grid. The surrounding electromagnetic environment." The staff said that after scientific measurement, the electromagnetic environment of the solar photovoltaic power generation system is lower than the limits of various indicators; in the industrial frequency band, the electromagnetic environment of the solar photovoltaic power station is even lower than the value generated by commonly used household appliances. It will have an impact on personal health.

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