1-10Hp 2 3 4 6 Inch Submersible Solar Powered Well Water Pump

Sunpal submersibles solar water pump is widely applied to agricultural greenhouse water supply system, agricultural irrigation water supply system and husbandry water supply system, fully automated, maintenance-free, economical and environmental friendly and fast cost recovery.
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    1.25 inch
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Sunpal Submersible Solar Water pump  

Sunpal submersible water pump adopt stainless steel casing, shaft core, coupling, water entry base and pump body (or copper alloy water entry base, pump body) to avoid rust or corrosion, stainless steel impeller and stainless steel blower inlet casing. New "floating style" structure of impeller avoids axial pressure to motor. With combination of motor and controller, the max efficiency is over 90%, raises 20% than the traditional AC one.

submersible water pump

Solar Water Pump Raw Material

  • Permanent magnet DC brushless synchronous motor, efficiency improved by 15%-30%;
  • 304 S/S pump shaft;
  • Brass or stainless steel outlet/connector/ oil cylinder;
  • Japanese NSK bearing with longer lifetime;
  • Double bearing motor base: can work under more axial pressure ;
  • Alloy mechanical seal: Longer working life and high reliability;
  • Motor coil is made by automatic winding machine with centralized winding technology,motor efficiency is much improved

solar powered water pump

MPPT Pump Controller Advantages:

  • Waterproof IP65
  • Ambient temperature:-15degree-60 degree
  • MPPT function
  • Automatic charging function
  • LED displays
  • Frequency conversion function
  • Automatically start and stop working
  • Soft start
  • High voltage/Over-current/High temperature protection

submersible well water pump

Multiple Protection

Phase protection/Stall protection/Low voltage protection/High voltage protection/ Dry-run protection/ High temperature protection/Reverse connection protection

certifications of solar panel

Solar Water Pump Certifications:

IEC 62109,IEC 61683

ISO 9001:2008: ISO Quality Management System

CE: EN 60335,EN 62233, EN 55014,EN 61000

Submersible Solar Water Pump Features:

  • Environmental protection, clean energy, can be powered by both solar panel and battery;
  • Over-load protection,under-load protection, lock-rock protection, thermal protection;
  • MPPT technology to Improve the efficiency of PV modules;
  • Much longer lifetime than the normal AC water pump;
  • Intelligent water shortage protection;

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